Gaoxin Street held an oath ceremony for new Party members joining the Party in 2024 and an activity for old Party members to review their oath of joining the Party

来源:   时间: 2024-06-26 15:31
  On the morning of June 26, the oath ceremony of new Party members joining the Party in 2024 and the activity of old Party members revisiting the oath of joining the Party was held in Gaoxin Street。16 new party members of communities (villages) and non-public enterprises, and all party members of the branch of high-tech street organs solemnly swear in front of the bright party flag。
  Comrade Jiang Yusen, on behalf of the new party members, made a statement on behalf of the new party members, and solemnly voted to the party organization: First, strengthen understanding and buckle the first button of ideology and politics。The second is to study humbly and continue to improve their party spirit。Third, be down-to-earth and serve the people wholeheartedly。
  Wu Di, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of High-tech Street, congratulated the new party members in his speech, and made clear requirements for all party members: First, strengthen the consciousness of party members, correctly and clearly understand their identity, and take the oath to join the Party as their lifelong pursuit, lifelong cultivation and lifelong practice。The second is to strengthen the consciousness of learning, constantly improve their comprehensive quality, and consciously arm the mind with the latest theoretical achievements of the Party。The third is to enhance the sense of service, put the things of the masses in the heart, cultivate feelings for the people, based on their own work, and seriously deal with the problems reflected by the masses。(Yang Luying, Party Building Office, Gaoxin Street)